Westrucks Compliances and Workflow Procedures

At Westrucks, strict compliance to standard truck body building procedures are enforced right from the point of receiving job orders directly from customers, dealers, brokers and insurance companies. All jobs are put into a ‘build’ schedule that is designed to suit our customer’s individual needs and legal requirements.

Administrative procedures are in place to correctly book in the chassis and schedule the jobs to commence. Job sheets are prepared accordingly. In the event chassis are not available and build deadlines are critical, the required data are obtained from relevant websites. The body building process commences promptly and installed when chassis become available.

To ensure precision work executions on all our jobs, bodies are built and painted ‘off the chassis’, whenever possible, to achieve maximum paint cover and prevent damage to cabs during build and paint stages. Truck bodies are built on custom made trolleys to enable ease of movement between work bays to paint and fitting areas.

Job sheets with cutting lists are drawn and given to the highly skilled truck body builders to commence work on the job. The team work within their allocated work-stations or building bays.

Stage one of the four-stage production process comprises of cutting and cleaning the frame-work of the body in preparation for the next ‘build’ stage. Base frames are usually constructed first, tacked in place, squared, braced and welded. Any enclosed areas inaccessible after construction are painted with a rust prevention primer. Each section of the body, such as, front walls, rear frames and roof are constructed in the same manner–assembled, squared, braced and welded. Welded components to rear frames, such as doors, are done so and then removed in preparation for painting. Sheeting of pantecs are done after painting to ensure proper sheet adhesion and full paint cover,

Stage two involves cleaning and preparing the job for painting. All foreign spatters are removed and any unpainted areas painted. The truck body is now washed and painted in rust preventative primer, scuffed and painted in two–pack colour, as required, in our 13.5 metre heated spray booth. The job is then left to dry. The coloured areas are taped and covered. The under-body, flooring and roperails etc are painted in black or in other industry recommended colour.

Stage three is where the body is fitted to the chassis of the vehicle. The chassis is prepared for fitment to ADR standards, state regulations and VSB-6 heavy vehicle modification requirements⎯either fitch-plate, spring mounted or tipper assembly requirements, adhering to manufacturers specifications. Plates and attachments are fitted using chassis mount holes or drilled to suit. Plates are pre-painted and bolted to the chassis. The body is then lifted on to the chassis and fitted. Guards and lights, including any extra fittings as required by the customer are also fitted accordingly.

Final inspection and administrative paperworks make up the fourth and final stage of the job. The body is inspected to ensure that it meets all legal requirements andm and customer’s specifications. The body is then issued with a declaration certificate, a Westrucks’ name-plate badge, photographed and recorded for future identification and warranty purposes.