Our Key People

Greg Liggins
Owner/Managing Director

Besides wearing the responsibility of running Westrucks’ successful operations, Greg indulges himself with some interesting pastimes, such as, invoicing, fleet work, wages, accounting, staff superannuation, quoting, imports and various other administrative functions.

Email: greg@westrucks.com.au


Darryl Kennedy
Production Manager

Darryl is our ‘up-and-about’ man, and the face of Westrucks. Representing us at various truck sales yards, ordering stock and stock control, quoting and interacting with customers and sales representatives, Darryl’s calm demeanour belies his busy daily schedule, and yet finds time to attend to general office administration.

Email: darryl@westrucks.com.au



Rob is our leading fitter. Let us call him the ‘Ensurer’. Rob ensures that all stock are stored in a safe and orderly manner, ensures proper work allocation to fitters, ensures job specifications are correct, ensures fitting areas are free of clutter, ensures that finishing of all fit-ups are checked thoroughly, and finally, ensures that declaration forms and product specification sheets are provided with every finished vehicle.


Rafael is one of the senior electrical fitters we have. He assumes his role with ‘shocking’ alacrity. All of his electrical fitting works are of high industry standard, and he constantly monitors all electrical stock to avoid any downtime to production and delivery schedules. A teams-person, Rafael allocates electrical works to other electrical fitters in his team, guiding and assisting them wherever and whenever required.


Joe, our senior painter, loves body painting – truck body spray painting, that is. Whilst his standard of paint work is of the highest standard, his responsibilities include, preparation of truck bodies for painting, taping, painting, allocation of work to painters in his team, paints stock control and related general duties.

Body Builders

Robert, Jamie, Steve and Sam are just some of Westrucks’ tradesman body builders. While their responsibilities include, building bodies to design specifications, checking spec sheets for errors, forklift duties, fitting of tailgates, directing and training junior tradespersons in Westrucks methods, Chris’s expertise extends to fitting of tippers and tipper controls.